Christopher Homick

Spring is here, and so is more new music!

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Christopher will be playing violoncello on Yu-Hui Chang‘s When the Wind Comes, the Grass Bends on EQ’s latest concert. Yu-Hui’s piece both celebrates and subverts the traditional sounds of the string quintet—driving, delicate, tense, and plaintive in turn. Other pieces on the program include Marti Epstein‘s Troubled Queen which is a precisely calibrated and ingeniously shifting sound world, employing her distinctive ear for color. Chaya Czernowin‘s Sahaf is an amped-up, crazy ride for saxophone, electric guitar, percussion, and piano. Saxophonist Philipp Staeudlin will complete the program with a work for sax and electronics by Davide Ianni. We’re looking forward to this concert, which will be framed by the warm acoustic and sleek lines of First Church in Boston’s sanctuary.

Equilibrium Ensemble presents chamber works
Saturday 3.30 | 8pm
First Church in Boston, 66 Marlborough St., Back Bay
$10 general admission